Mowing the lawn

Well-groomed, neat and thick lawn, around your house, the estate or office – it’s modern, trendy and very beautiful. Those who are faced with caring for your lawn, you know how sometimes not easy to maintain it in good condition.

Novoclean cleaning company offers you two new services mowing the lawn and cleaning (scarification) pitch.

mowing the lawn

Lawn mowing is a major agro-technical measures for maintenance and lawn care in your area. The optimum height of the grass should fluctuate between 4-6 centimeters. It is important to know one bevel is not advisable to cut more than 1/3 the length of the grass. Mowing the lawn is recommended 3-4 times a month, depending on weather conditions. The most optimal rate – is the height of the grass. Mowing the lawn mower performed by a professional, in areas with uneven ground and limited access haircut done trimmer.

scarification lawn

The procedure for cleaning and loosening (scarification) pitch is required to maintain a dense, uniformly thick grass cover, no bald spots and yellowing throughout the land. Scarification or “combing the lawn” is a necessary event for the well-kept lawn, as it allows you to get rid of dry grass, moss, various debris, allowing sunlight to penetrate the roots of grasses and stimulates the growth of a thick and dense cover. Together with cleansing is the procedure of aeration (soil loosening on 5-7mm), through which the soil is enriched with oxygen, for additional stimulation of growth.


The average cost of services “mowing the lawn” is listed in our price list.

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