Seasonal washing windows.

Big and clean windows – attribute any café, boutiques and shops. Often care for them entails a lot of problems. But the first thing your visitor sees is a showcase institution. Care storefronts inside the mall is not a problem. Quality window cleaner, a good high-quality microfiber cloth and a little skill, all you need for ghost windows in order. Another thing is on a busy street, where a huge amount of dust, dirt and smog. As shown, the full-time employees of institutions, it is not always able to do. With cleaning company Novoclean washing windows without any problems. Skilled experts, specialized equipment, proven chemistry and experience will help us as soon as possible to make your windows clean and attractive for visitors.

Wash windows after repair.

After the renovation and construction of an inexperienced person hard to bring the room in order, so the market of cleaning services, there are suggestions for cleaning after repairs, window cleaning and windows after repair. Why when cleaning your windows should use the services klinngovyh companies. The main but not the main point is convenience). Most importantly, after completion of the work you will get clean windows streak-free as soon as possible. It’s also worth to note that professionals know how to get rid of a lot of dirt without damaging the frame and without scratching the glass itself, whether traces of glue or molar bands, construction adhesives, mortars and paints. Order this service from us you can be assured of high quality and timely execution of the service. We appreciate every customer and your positive feedback.


For the May 2014 washing showcases the most popular service for customers Novoklin project. High quality at a cost of just 15 000 BYR per square meter of glazing.