Washing windows

Seasonal Window Cleaning

Cleaning company provides services Novoclean “Washing of windows” and “Window cleaning after repairs.” Our experts will quickly and efficiently perform the tasks, and thanks to modern detergents with antistatic effect, the windows will stay clean for a long time. Washing windows on the 12, 15 and even 20 floor without any problems, thanks to the special adaptations, employees will clean even the most inaccessible places.

Washing windows after repair

This kind of service is especially in demand Minsk residents and surrounding areas. Due to the fact that the plastic windows are very popular (as a rule, after the installation of the protective tape is removed at once), then in addition to contamination from fluids and paint there is a problem removing the protective tape. Here we are ready to help you, not only having all the necessary equipment and special. means, as well as extensive experience in providing this service.

Washing windows after repair – for us this daily service. Employees of the company Novoclean accurately and as quickly as possible will clear the window of any impurities without damaging the frame and the glass itself.

Just carry out the cleaning of windows, involving industrial climbers and special equipment (avtovyshkek and towers).
I enjoy clean windows without streaks? Then contact us!

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